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Magherabeg Friary C.1430 Donegal Town IrelandMagherabeg Friary c.1430 Donegal Town Ireland

Vacation Guide To Celtic Donegal

The Donegal Vacation Guide will help you discover and enjoy the best of Celtic Donegal.  The Celtic aspects of this magnificent Irish county are worthy of special attention, in our opinion.

Megalithic Tomb At Kilclooney, Donegal IrelandMegalithic tomb at Kilclooney, Donegal Ireland

You'll find in-depth articles, facts, tips, and plenty of photos here, highlighting Donegal Ireland's top attractionsYou'll also discover fascinating, little-known details from Celtic and pre Celtic history.  There's helpful information about key destinations, as well as best places to stay throughout the county.

All the information is presented through the unique lens of our knowledgeable, experienced 'insider' perspective.

This independent guide, started in 2014, comes to you from the scenic shores of Donegal Bay in the south of Donegal County.  You can access the entire guide free of charge any time, right here at OurDonegal.com.

Donegal Vacation Guide is regularly updated with new articles, photos and anything else we think you might enjoy.  If you'd like to catch our future updates, you can easily subscribe via the orange RSS button near the end of this page.

Who We Are

In case you're wondering who's providing all this information, and how we created this website, allow us to introduce ourselves briefly...

We are Frances and Mary, supported by our wonderful Celtic family.  Our ancient Gaelic Celtic ancestry is both Irish and Scottish.

Atlantic Sunset Near Killybegs Donegal IrelandAtlantic sunset near Killybegs Donegal Ireland

We've lived in Donegal for decades now, having fallen head over heels in love with this enchanting county on our first ever family vacation.

Since then, we've gained over half a century's worth of first-hand local knowledge and unique insights into the county's superb attractions, history, heritage, culture and friendly warmhearted people.

If you live in a scenic location you might have experienced, as we have, the pleasure of showing visitors around your favorite sights.  Showing visiting family and friends the best of Donegal has been one of our favorite activities over the years.  It's like going on vacation all over again every time, with our favorite people!

When Mary found a way to create this website (link opens new window) despite having only basic computer skills, it enabled us to present Donegal of the Celts to the world.

Explore Celtic Donegal with Us

We're delighted to bring you the best of Donegal from our 'insider' prespective, including 'hidden gems' that are sometimes overlooked...

Magnificent highland and coastal scenery.  Fascinating history, heritage and culture.  Top destinations and what you'll find at each.  All the wonderful attractions we loved sharing with our guests.  And where to stay...

It's all here, waiting for you to find it.

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Wishing you and yours
a wonderful vacation...

Frances, Mary and Family

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