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Watch YouTube Rock Climbing Videos From Northwest Ireland
Close-up action footage of cliffs, sea stacks, and islands by Iain Miller of Unique Ascent

One Boat, And A Length Of Rope

When it comes to exploring Donegal's extensive, dramatic, and challenging Atlantic coastline, it's amazing how far you can get with a boat and a length of rope!

Well, OK, you'll need a few pieces of essential climbing equipment.  And a certain set of skills.  But you'll know what we mean after you've watched a few of our favorite rock climbing videos below.

All of the following videos were produced by professional mountaineer, Iain Miller of Unique Ascent (link opens new window)They'll give you a good overview of this magnificent Irish county, from a rock climber's perspective...

Scene From Unique Ascent's Rock Climbing Videos Of Donegal IrelandRock climbing on Donegal Ireland's Atlantic coast

Rock Climbing Videos Of Donegal Sea Stacks

Donegal's Dramatic Atlantic Coast

Watch dramatic sea stack and sea arch footage taken along the western Donegal stretch of the Wild Atlantic Way (a popular coastal touring route)...

Negotiate mossy, heather covered clifftops to reach the wave-ravaged beach below.  And then it begins.

Iain sets off in his tiny boat across foaming, churning seas to climb rocky stacks.  Stunning views.


Magnificent Tormore Island Seastack

At approximately 150 meters high, the massive Tormore Island has the distinction of being Ireland's highest sea stack.

See accomplished rock climber Iain Miller make his way by tiny boat to Tormore.  From the remote Glenlough Bay storm beach , he travels the one kilometer distance before tackling this formidable ascent.

Dizzying panoramic views from the summit.


Video Footage Of Donegal Sea Cliff Climbing

Sail Rock At The Slieve League Cliffs

See video footage of Sail Rock's 'Roaring Forties' climbing route at the popular Slieve League Cliffs in Southwest Donegal.

Iain and Fionnuala ascend the 80 meters high quartzite sea cliff, Sail Rock, above the glistening ocean and an impressive blowhole.  Lucky for them, the ocean is calm today!

Footage of the base, pitches one, two  and three, as well as panoramic Atlantic views from the top.


Climbing The Cruit Island Sea Cliffs

Watch footage of Iain climbing the Far West Buttress, Forgotten Wall and the Albatross Zawn.  Some lovely shots of Cruit.

Plus climbing the Traderg Walls and  footage of Jack's Wall, Scalpachore Sea Wall and the view from Aughnish Point.

Video ends with a pretty Atlantic sunset over neighboring Owey Island.


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