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Mar 03, 2018

Donegal Vacation Guide

Explore Celtic Donegal In Northwest Ireland. One of the "Coolest" places in the world... Coolest Attractions. Best Destinations. Atlantic Cruises. Top Hotels. Celtic History, Heritage. Guided Coastal tour. Greatest Rock Climbs. More

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Jan 29, 2018

Killybegs Donegal Ireland Attractions

Enjoy the unique Celtic heritage and vibrant coastal culture of Killybegs Donegal Ireland. County Donegal was voted the ‘Coolest’ place on earth in 2017

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Jan 23, 2018

Mesolithic Age In Donegal Ireland

Who lived in Donegal around 10,000 years ago? Overview of Mesolithic Age communities: How they arrived, lifestyle, tools they made soon after the Ice Age

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Dec 03, 2017

Best Hotels In Donegal Town

Find popular hotels in Donegal Town and luxury lakeside hotels nearby. Plus independent overviews, local attractions, web-links for direct reservations

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Nov 28, 2017

Best Hotels In Letterkenny

Find 4-Star hotels in Letterkenny plus their web-links for direct reservations. Proximity to town center. Independent overviews. Nearby attractions

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Nov 25, 2017

Letterkenny Hotels Guide

Find popular Letterkenny hotels, plus their web-links for direct reservations. Independent overviews by Donegal insiders, with lists of nearby attractions

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Nov 23, 2017

Cruise Directory - 5 Epic Voyages 2018

Find cruise directory listings of voyages with excursions to Killybegs Donegal Ireland (Part 2). Dramatic Donegal: First in National Geographic 'Cool List'

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Nov 23, 2017

Cruise Directory - 5 Top Cruises 2018

Find cruise directory listings of cruises with excursions to Killybegs Donegal Ireland (Part 1). Dramatic Donegal: First in National Geographic 'Cool List'

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Nov 13, 2017

St Johns Point Donegal Travel Guide

Get a travel overview of Saint Johns Point Donegal. Best ways to travel to this idyllic peninsula. Best places to stay. Best dining experiences. More

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Oct 31, 2017

Saint Johns Point Donegal Attractions

Discover Saint Johns Point Donegal. A unique blend of Celtic heritage, nature and the 'great outdoors' awaits you on this remote, scenic peninsula

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Oct 24, 2017

Donegal Wildflowers For Identity

Find photos of Irish shamrock and 27 other Donegal wildflowers for identification. English-to-Irish (Gaelic) name translations plus botanical terms

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Oct 13, 2017

Cruising Excursion: Coastal Donegal

Review of ‘Hidden Gems On The Edge’ cruising excursion. Dramatic Slieve League Cliffs and more, guided bus tour from Killybegs Donegal Ireland

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Oct 09, 2017

Kilcar Heritage:The Spaniard's Chapel

Discover why a small ruin outside Kilcar village is known as the 'Spaniard's Chapel' or 'Spanish Church'. Near Killybegs, Southwest Donegal Ireland

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May 31, 2017

"Donegal: Hidden Depths of Owey Island"

"... We’re standing at the edge of what’s known as the ‘lake of tranquillity’. I understand why when Iain flicks on a flashlight to reveal a serene subterranean lagoon, flowing silently within a cave so vast I can barely make out its roof..."
Guided by Iain Miller of Unique Ascent, the UK travel magazine National Geographic's award-winning writer Zoe McIntyre discovered a phenomenal hidden place where few have ventured.
Last December, National Geographic honored Donegal with first place on their global 'Cool' list for 2017.
(Link opens new window...)

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Mar 28, 2017

"Ireland's Remote Donegal Is The Coolest Place To Visit This Summer"

"With its Yodel Funk, stunning sea cliffs and thatched-roof cottages, Ireland's Donegal earns the honour given to it by National Geographic Traveller."
So says David Gillett in the intro to his latest article for 'The Globe And Mail'. The article sums Donegal up beautifully, right from the opening line...
"Driving the twisting ribbon of asphalt that is Donegal's section of the Wild Atlantic Way coastal route, we had a "Cool Moment," the first of many in this coolest corner of the coolest place on earth." (Link opens new window...)

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Feb 25, 2017

Donegal Ireland: 'Coolest Place' 2017

Discover 10 key attractions that make Donegal Ireland a top travel destination. Number One on National Geographic ‘Cool List’ for 2017

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Feb 03, 2017

Killybegs Donegal Ireland Cruise Port

Discover why you might love a cruising excursion to the pretty port of Killybegs Donegal Ireland. A rising star in the world of cruise ship holidays

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Jan 14, 2017

Slieve League Cliffs Picture Gallery

Photos of the spectacular Slieve League cliffs, Donegal Ireland. Browse and enjoy this collection of our favorite images of Europe’s highest sea cliffs

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Jan 03, 2017

Sea Stacks, Cliffs In SW Donegal

Climb the highest of all Ireland's sea stacks, and a chain of others on the remote wild Atlantic coast at An Port, the most beautiful place in Ireland.

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Dec 17, 2016

Sail Rock Climb Routes

Rock climb The Best Route In Ireland and more at this long-established 80 meter high quartzite sea cliff wall at the Slieve League cliffs, SW Donegal.

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Dec 17, 2016

Rock Climb In Donegal

Rock climb Donegal Ireland's magnificent wild, rugged, remote coastline with Iain Miller of Unique Ascent.Are you ready for a challenge like no other?

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Dec 17, 2016

Rock Climb On Cruit Island

With hundreds of recorded routes on numerous sea cliffs, Cruit Island, County Donegal, is one of the most developed locations to rock climb in Ireland.

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Dec 15, 2016

Rock Climbing Videos Of Donegal

Watch YouTube rock climbing videos from Northwest Ireland. Close-up action footage of cliffs, sea stacks, and islands by Iain Miller of Unique Ascent

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Nov 29, 2016

Donegal Crest Photos Origin Meaning

Donegal Crest Celtic origin. The Celtic Warrior King who owned it. How it came to him. What it means. Donegal GAA. Donegal Coat of Arms.

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Nov 28, 2016

County Donegal History And Heritage

County Donegal’s ancient Celtic history, mysterious megalithic monuments. Celtic origins, Celtic High Kings, Fomorian pirates of the Atlantic and more

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Apr 17, 2016

Popular Hotels In Donegal Southwest

Find popular hotels in Donegal Southwest, plus nearest attractions. Nesbitt Arms Hotel Ardara, Lake House Hotel, and more

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Apr 17, 2016

Best Hotels Donegal, Killybegs

Find popular Killybegs hotels Donegal Southwest, plus nearest attractions. Tara Hotel, Bay View Hotel Killybegs harbour. Nearby Castle Murray Hotel

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Feb 22, 2016

Bundoran Co Donegal Day Trips (Part Six)

Visit a unique monument to four Celtic heroes, and a workshop making exquisite handcrafted china.Two unique attractions near Bundoran Co Donegal Ireland

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Feb 17, 2016

Bundoran Co Donegal Day Trips (Part Five)

Learn the awesome Celtic legacy of Kilbarron Castle and take a cliff-top walk to this historic ruined castle near Ballyshannon and Bundoran Co Donegal

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Jan 15, 2016

Bundoran Co Donegal Day Trips (Part Four)

Discover historic Celtic ruins of Kilbarron Church near Ballyshannon and Bundoran Co Donegal, Ireland. Plus saints of ancient royal lineage and more

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Jan 01, 2016

Bundoran Co Donegal Day Trips Part 3

Discover richly historic Celtic heritage sites at the Abbey Assaroe area of Ballyshannon, the nearest town to Bundoran Co Donegal beach resort.

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Dec 14, 2015

Bundoran Co Donegal Day Trips (Part Two)

Discover Celtic Ballyshannon, Bundoran Co Donegal's nearest town. The first Celts, Rory Gallagher, the Green Lady, Dracula, Frankenstein and more!

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Nov 23, 2015

Visit Donegal? 10 Celtic Destinations

Visit Donegal’s prettiest coastal towns and other cool destinations. Unique Celtic heritage, culture and history. Stunning scenery. Leisure. Adventure. More

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Nov 22, 2015

Bundoran Co Donegal Day Trips (Part One)

Visit top attractions near Bundoran Co Donegal. Rossnowlagh’s golden sandy Atlantic beach, key Celtic heritage sites, scenic Lough Eske, more

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Nov 14, 2015

Donegal Town Travel Guide, Bookings

Reserve a Bed and Breakfast, plus, read our travel overview of Donegal Town, Ireland. B and Bs. Other accommodation. Meals. Getting there. Exploring the region…

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Oct 05, 2015

Donegal Vacation Guide Q And A

Get answers to your Donegal vacation queries and see our replies to other readers’ questions.Travel. Hospitality. Attractions. Destinations. Heritage. More

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Sep 29, 2015

Donegal Town Day Trips

10 Top attractions near Donegal Town, Ireland, on the Wild Atlantic Way. Celtic heritage, Slieve League cliffs, Lough Eske, beaches, mountains, more.

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Sep 23, 2015

Donegal Town Attractions

Explore 10 great attractions in Celtic Donegal Town. Donegal Castle, Donegal Abbey, Waterbus Cruise, Donegal Railway Centre, Shopping, more.

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Sep 14, 2015

Slieve League Donegal Sea Cliffs

Take an exhilarating coastal cliff walk on Slieve League Donegal. The great outdoors doesn't get much better than this 'paradise' on the edge of Europe

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Sep 06, 2015

Donegal Castle Tour

Take a virtual tour of a 543 year old Donegal Castle of the O’Donnell Celtic Chieftains. Discover this castle's unique Jacobean twist.

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