Getting To Slieve League Cliffs

By Tara Jenny In Texas, USA

Waterfall On Slieve League Cliffs, Donegal Ireland

Slieve League Cliffs, Donegal Ireland

Slieve League Cliffs, Donegal Ireland

Reader Question: How do I get to the Slieve League cliffs? Would I need a guide? Is it a tour? Thank you. Jenny M

Our Reply: You can get to the magnificent Slieve League Cliffs in remote, coastal Southwest Donegal by several ways: You can take a boat trip from Killybegs, or join a guided coach day tour during the tourist season. You can also drive there independently yourself (car hire is available if you need it).

The three destinations nearest to the Slieve League cliffs are Killybegs, Donegal Town and Ardara. Killybegs is less than 30 kilometers from the cliffs. Donegal Town and Ardara are both less than 50 kilometers away.

Here's how you can get to the Slieve League cliffs viewing point by car...

From Donegal Town: Drive west along the N56 road as far as Five Points (the junction for Ardara), then continue along the R263 to Killybegs. Then proceed as for Killybegs (see below).

From Ardara: Drive south on the N56 to the Five Points 'T' junction, turn right to join the R263 and continue to Killybegs. Then proceed as for Killybegs below...

From Killybegs: Follow the R263 as far as the center of Carrick village. Turn left at the sign for Slieve League Cliffs Viewing Point (Bunglas). Follow this scenic, winding road to just past the Rusty Mackerel pub. Turn right and continue to the main car park at Bunglas.

From the main car park, it's approximately a two kilometer, sometimes steep, walk to the Slieve League Cliffs viewing point, and the same on your return except that it's downhill. Or you can continue by car, through the gate, all the way to the viewing point (closing the gate behind you to keep the resident sheep from straying).

Accommodation: If you need accommodation, see our overviews of the nearest and best hotels: Donegal Town hotels, Killybegs hotels, and Ardara hotels.

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