How To Get To Saint Johns Point?

By Tara Jenny In Texas, USA

Sea Pinks Among The Rocks On Saint John's Point Peninsula

Bird's-Foot Trefoil On Saint John's Point Peninsula

Bird's-Foot Trefoil On Saint John's Point Peninsula

Reader Question: How do I get to the beautiful peaceful location in your photo of Saint Johns Point Peninsula? Would I need a guide? Is it a tour? Thank you. Jenny M

Our Reply: You won't need a tour guide for Saint Johns Point Peninsula in South Donegal, you can drive there independently yourself. A guided excursion is available, though. The Hidden Delights Of Killybegs tour travels the entire length of this scenic peninsula, right to the lighthouse and surrounding conservation area.

Here's how to get there by car from Donegal Town, it's quite straightforward...

From Donegal Town drive west on the N56 road towards Killybegs, as far as Dunkineely village (approximately 20 kilometers). Drive through and out of the village, then immediately look for a narrow road to your left, signposted for Saint Johns Point. Follow this short road to the T-junction and then turn left. The location where we took the two photos above is roughly 3 to 7 kilometers further along this road, on your right.

Saint Johns Point, Donegal Bay, Sligo Leitrim mountains

In case your query is in relation to the above photo of Saint Johns Point, Donegal Bay and the Sligo Leitrim mountains (from our What's New! page), here's how you can get to that location...

Continue past the location in the top photos, until you get to Coral Beach on the shores of beautiful Donegal Bay. Continue past the beach until the road runs out at the lighthouse. The rocks and concrete steps are just beyond that spot (total length of peninsula aproximately 10 kilometers).

Tip: The stretch of road between Coral Beach and the lighthouse may be in poor condition for driving, though it makes a very pleasant and substantial walk. There's a small amount of roadside parking at the beach, if you do choose to walk.

Local Hospitality: See our Travel Guide for Saint John's Point Peninsula for accommodation and meals in the area, plus more travel facts. And you'll find Hotels in Killybegs here.

Thank you for this great question.

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